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A collection of some of the commercial work done during the last couple of years for brands like OLA, Times Prime, OYO Rooms, etc. The work varies from TVCs to social media posts.

A video montage of motion design work done during the last couple of years.

A collection of 3D Portraits created including commissioned PFP for fellow NFT Artists.

A gallery of visual concepts that venture into the unknown. 

By using dark and moody lighting and realistic materials, the collection explores a wide range of subjects, ranging from Space Travel to Emotions.

A collection of illustrations that reflect on the day to day. Be it the joy of reading a book or the feelings experienced at a railway platform; these illustrations are a way to celebrate the speciality of the mundane.

‘Pause - Take a breather’ is a mini-series of NFTs focusing on the importance of taking break from work. Activities like dancing our even having a hot beverage can do world of wonders to our mood and energy. Hence every once in a while, just, Pause!

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